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    Inland Power and Light in Seattle, Washington is in charge of supplying electricity to 39,000 homes, farms and businesses, and helping its agricultural customers save money. The electric co-op has introduced new incentives.

    According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, rural co-ops like Inland are being forced to bring in new energy sources to meet the growing demand for isolated power. To get these resources, many companies are offering energy efficiency programs to their customers, which allow them to better manage their electric bills and consume less energy than people in nearby regions.

    But similar co-ops are often experiencing difficulty in managing electricity rates that are already some of the lowest in the country. John Francisco, who is in charge of increasing energy efficiency across the company's entire customer base, said this is an exciting opportunity.

    "I moved into energy efficiency three years ago because it’s a new challenge," Francisco said.

    Across the country, several power companies – especially retail energy providers that typically offer the best electricity rates – are helping customers improve their overall energy efficiency to ultimately lower costs for all involved.