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    Many customers might imagine that utility companies do not support electricity deregulation and are opposed to being forced to compete for customers in certain realms.

    But Thomas Stathos, director of customer programs and services at PPL Electric Utilities, writes for The Morning Call that the prominent Pennsylvania utility hopes to see more of its customers take advantage of alternative electricity providers.

    Electricity deregulation seems at times almost like an attack on utilities, stemming from the the high electricity rates the state suffered under a regulated electricity market. But utilities remain a critical feature of the electricity market and are not actually competing with other electricity suppliers, instead simply providing a standard package in the event customers do not choose another provider.

    Stathos noted that PPL, along with all of the rest of the state's utilities, is sending out post cards with all the information needed to effectively shop for electricity providers. He notes that, while utilities will continue to provide people service, it only makes sense to treat the power they purchase as any other product, looking for the best deals available.

    According to, PPL boasts the second highest rate of customers using alternative electricity providers as of January at 41.9 percent, behind only Pike County.