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    It is the first week in May which means that United Illuminating customers can save on their electric bill. Connecticut providershave changed their rates which means a lot of different plan options for customers to select from. See below for the May 2016 United Illuminating electricity provider information:

    May UI Price to Compare

    United Illuminating’s price to compare for May 2016 is 10.74 cents/kWh. This price represents UI’s default supply rate for May if you do not choose another UI electricity provider.

    May UI Electricity Rates


    For UI customers, ConEdison Solutions is offering the plan with the best electric rate with a 6 month, 6.25 cents/kWh fixed plan. This United Illuminating electricity rate represents 42% savings over the current May 2016 price to compare. If you want to lock in your rate for longer, ConEdison Solutions also is offering a 12 month 7.19 cents/kWh which has 33% savings over the current price to compare.. These United Illuminating plans do not have any early cancellation fee.

    If you are United Illuminating customer and want to lock in the savings of one of these plans, go to ourConEdison Solutionsprovider page, enter your ZIP Code, compare and switch.

    Constellation Energy Logo

    Constellation Energy also is a UI electricity provider and offers customers a lot of electricity savings. Currently Constellation is offering 6, 12 and 24 month fixed plans. The six month plan has 35% saving over the current price to compare while the 12 month has 27% savings. If you want to lock in your rate for even longer, Constellation’s 24 month, 8.09 cents/kWh plan offers customers 25% savings over the May price to compare.

    If you are Interested in this Constellation offering visit our Constellation provider profilepageand enter your ZIP Code.

    Clearview Energy

    For a renewable option, Clearview has the best plan and UI electricity rate for May. Clearview Energy provides their customers with 100% renewable energy and with their 6 month, 7.09 cents/kWh plan you will be saving 33% over the May United Illuminating price to compare.

    To sign up for this UI renewable energy plan, go to our Clearview Energy provider profile page and enter your ZIP Code.

    If at any time you would like to compare these UI electricity plans and other UI electricity rates, go to the to the right side of this page and enter your ZIP Code into our compare and switch tool.