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    As Texans start getting ready for the coming summer, and the heat that inevitably comes with it, one electricity provider is offering an opportunity to save some money on one of the season's biggest expenses.

    TXU Energy notes numbers from the government's ENERGY STAR program that show roughly half of all energy goes into heating and cooling people's homes. Particularly after last year's record setting heat waves and the drought that came with it, most of that energy is probably not going to heating in Texas.

    To help make it a bit easier to run the air-conditioner, the electricity supplier has introduced its TXU Energy Simple Rate 24 plan.

    This offer will cut the energy portion of customers electricity bill in half for the first two months after they switch electricity providers, and then offers a low, fixed electricity rate for the next two years, helping to protect against fluctuations in the energy market.

    Locking in a fixed electricity rate now could help greatly reduce customers bills in the long run, with decade-low natural gas prices pushing down electricity prices well below their recent levels.