One Texas electricity provider has introduced a new option for customers to monitor their electricity usage.

TXU Energy, an electricity supplier with more than 2 million customers throughout Texas, has introduced its new TXU iPhone App. The app offers many of the same options available on the company's Energy MyEnergy Dashboard, the program run through the company's website.

The service allows customers with smart meters to access information on their past electricity usage and projections of upcoming bills. TXU cited information from the state's Electric Choice Education Program suggesting consumers respond to increased information by reducing consumption as an incentive for the move.

"At TXU Energy, we continue to innovate through technology and wireless solutions that give our customers more information than ever about how much electricity they use at home – and what it costs them month to month – so they can take control of their consumption," Jennifer Pulliam, director of innovation at TXU Energy, said in a statement. "Our new app features also deliver the convenience that today’s always-on, on-the-go consumers expect from retailers in any space – especially ours."

The Dallas Morning News suggests that with the app being free, the easy access to consumption information could lead customers to change their behavior.

Author: Adam Cain

Adam Cain

Adam Cain is a content writer for who has an avid interest in energy news and trends affecting consumers at the national, state, and local level.