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    While retail electricity providers are primarily concerned with maintaining lower electricity rates, some are actually helping to reshape the energy market in different ways. Dallas-based electricity provider TXU Energy announced it has introduced a new program to help promote the use of electric vehicles in the city.

    The program has already introduced two new electric vehicle charging stations at the Dallas City Hall, and the electricity provider intends to add three more at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library and the Dallas Museum of Art.

    Even more, TXU announced that it will provide all the electricity used by the charging stations for the first year of operation, giving the city good incentive to add a few electric vehicles to its fleet.

    "Electric vehicles are a clean, efficient form of transportation, and they are going to play an increasingly important role in our transportation portfolio,” Gabe Castro, vice president of business markets at TXU Energy, said in a statement. "We’re glad to do our part to help customers like the City of Dallas realize the promise of these vehicles."

    Retail electricity provider could play an important role in promoting electric vehicles around the U.S., with some companies offering special electricity rates for businesses and homeowners that use such vehicles.