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    Retail electricity providers are meant to create a more efficient marketplace for electricity by competing for customers through lower electricity rates and improved services. But 1to1 Media notes that developing customer loyalty as a commodity dealer can prove difficult, since ultimately people only ever interact with the devices that use power, rather than the power itself.

    However, Michael Grasso, the chief marketing officer of Dallas-based electricity provider TXU Energy, explained that his company manages to build a rapport with customers by emphasizing the interactions with customers.

    The electricity company's motto of "Right Thing, Right Now" emphasizes its plan to ensure that customers are able to interact with TXU however they feel most comfortable and are as clear as possible about what exactly they are paying for. This way they can find the plan that best serves them and keeps them satisfied with TXU.

    "Let's do what we do best and tell customers about it, focus on customers, find innovative ways to engage customers, and be there when customers need us," Grasso said at Loyalty 360's Loyalty Expo 2012.

    Meanwhile, the company has created offers like its rewards program, which has offered back $36 million to Texas residents.