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    With temperatures staying high in August, here are five tips to save on your electricity bill:

    1. Unplug unused electronic devices: One can forget this very easy power saving tip. Whether it is your TV, Laptop or even your toaster, unplugging unused electronics can lead to savings on your electric bill.
    2. Use a clothesline instead of a dryer: A dryer can tend to use a lot of electricity and also gives off a lot of heat. Setup a clothesline instead as it will help you save and also give you an excuse to go outside!
    3. Cook outside: Similar to the dryer, cooking appliances produce a lot of heat and use a lot of electricity. Why not cook on the grill when you have a chance and save while you’re at it?
    4. Use overhead fans: This will help get air circulating as well as delay the need to turn on the air conditioning
    5. Turn off the lights: When you leave the house be sure to turn off the light. Also on those bright sunny days, try to just use the natural light

    Check back later for more cost saving tips!