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    With it getting hotter and hotter this Summer, here are five tips to save on your air conditioning costs”

    1. Clean or change your air conditioning filter –With the temperatures rising, your AC allows for you to have a nice reprieve from the sun. Be sure your AC is working at its optimal level by changing or cleaning the filters at least once a month.
    2. Close outside doors and windows tightly-An easy but commonly forgotten tip. When you have your AC running, be sure to close your exterior windows and doors that lead to the outside. Additionally, make sure there are no spaces in your doors and windows that will allow cool air to leak out as you will be “cooling the outside” and increasing your electricity costs.
    3. Use floor and ceiling fans-When the temperature is bearable, turn off the AC and use fans (a ceiling fan uses no more electricity than a regular light bulb).
    4. Use Shades, Blinds or Drapes– These items will help protect your home from the sun’s heat.
    5. For Central Air users, close unused air vents– Don’t pay for air conditioning in rooms that you are using
    Be sure to check back at for more saving tips throughout the Summer!