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    The Electric Choice, a resource created to raise awareness of the benefits of energy deregulation laws, recently issued a new report that demonstrates not only a strong case for energy regulation, but how companies can profit from the laws.

    "Energy Deregulation Riches," as the report is called, discusses in detail the history of energy deregulation throughout the U.S., where the laws have best taken root and even includes an interview with one of the earliest pioneers in the industry.

    "In Texas, if you wanted to start your own energy deregulation, you'll probably need about $54 million," said an official from Black Box Social Media, which conducted the interview and released the report for The Electric Choice. "The average person doesn't have that kind of money…even in Texas. So this interview will detail how you can profit from energy deregulation with minimal investment."

    Nearly half of all states in the county have energy deregulation laws. By passing them, state lawmakers pave the way for residents to choose their own electricity providers and several other options, including what kind of energy and where it comes from.