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    Thanksgiving Energy Savings Tips

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you’re hosting you will most likely be using more energy than you usually do on a daily basis. We here at have come up with a list so you can enjoy your turkey as well as your savings:

    • Turn down your thermostat– We all have that family member who is always cold but during Thanksgiving the house should be nice and warm. Between cooking the turkey and all ther other delicious dishes and having a lot of loved ones in your home, it will most likely be warmer than usual. If your aunt is still cold, give her that sweater she knitted you two years ago. Not only will it keep her warm but she will also love that you kept it!
    • Make sure the front door is closed– With everyone constantly coming in and out of your house, make sure that the front door is always kept close. Leaving any door to the outside open in your house can lead to a lot of heat leaving your home and a lot larger energy bill.
    • Use the right tools for the job– Having mashed potatoes with your big feast? Use a slow cooker instead of the stove to cook them. A slow cooker is much more efficient and can also lead to early preparation which will save you time and money
    • Unplug all unused cooking tools– You may be full after dinner but this step will take an extra 20 seconds. While everyone is in the living room watching the football game, go around and make sure all your cooking tools are unplugged. Even this little step can save you a little extra cash on your electricity bill.
    • Make it a potluck– If you are hosting Thanksgiving, don’t be afraid to ask others to bring over different items on the menu. This can lower your grocery bill, electricity bill and most importantly allow you to spend more time with your loved ones instead of working away in the kitchen.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!