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    Electricity deregulation has caused some confusion in many areas, particularly in Texas where the policy was pursued most fervently. But reports there is some reason to hope that residents may be getting accustomed to the change over time.

    The Public Utilities Commission of Texas tracks all complaints filed in the state regarding electricity providers and utility companies. When the state introduced its competitive market for electricity providers, the number of complaints grew dramatically, more than tripling over the course of the past decade in total numbers.

    A substantial portion of this increase is the simple growth of the state's population, which has grown more than 18 percent in the past decade, and the growing ease of filing complaints through digital means, but another likely explanation is the confusion created by people suddenly needing to pay more attention to their electricity bills.

    However, in the 2011 fiscal year, Texans filed only 9,529 complaints about electricity service, down 27 percent from 13,078 in 2010 and the lowest figure since 2005.

    According to the PUC, more than 70 percent of residents receive their power from an alternate electricity provider, far above and beyond any other state.