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    Texas independent electric supplier TXU Energy recently helped one financially struggling restaurant lower its energy consumption by such a degree that the establishment is now thriving and monetarily sound.

    According to My West Texas, Gererdo's Casita, owned by Jerry Morales, was approached by TXU, which offered the restaurant the opportunity to take part in a new program designed to help establishments lower their electricity rates.

    "We want to encourage efficiency with business and residential customers," said Juan Elizondo, corporate communications with TXU Energy.

    Morales stated TXU's Greenback back program helped him identify areas of the restaurant that were wasting huge amounts of electricity, which he would have otherwise never been aware of, the media outlet stated.

    "We took them on a tour of the restaurant and described the energy issues I experienced," he recalled. For example, he added, the cantina area used to get too hot for customers, and the restaurant's kitchen was not properly insulated, but after simple renovations, these problems were remedied, and the customers returned.

    TXU Energy is one of dozens of retail energy providers that have cropped up around the state, and has made a name for itself through offering such customer service programs.