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    When Hurricane Isaac made landfall in New Orleans on Tuesday, it may have spared the Texas Gulf Coast, but it still demonstrated why retail energy provider Entergy Texas Inc. has proposed to switch regional transmission organizations.

    According to the Courier of Montgomery County, Entergy Texas recently asked the Public Utility Commission of Texas to shift its operational control of the company's transmission assets to the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO). The move would save the power provider up to $225 million over the next 10 years.

    "Entergy Texas will gain access to thousands of power providers. It opens a lot more flexibility,” said Dave Caplan, Entergy Texas spokesman.

    By expanding its U.S. footprint and gaining more customers, Entergy will be able to develop a more reliable power network that can withstand the effects of extreme weather, including the intense winds that accompanied Hurricane Isaac, the media outlet stated. Residents would benefit from the move, as they would have more options for choosing their electricity rates.

    According to Fierce Energy, Entergy Arkansas is also looking to switch to MISO, however the Arkansas Public Service Commission identified 19 conditions that could keep the company from making the switch.