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    CPL Retail Energy, a retail energy provider that provides cheaper electricity to Texas residents, announced on July 27, 2012, that it has started the application process for nonprofits to receive up to $2,500 toward upgrades to make their operation more energy efficient.

    All active 501(c)3 groups are eligible for participation in the program, as long as they are in good standing with state agencies across CPL's service area, which delivers power to some 6 million residents.

    The goal, the company says, it to help nonprofits lower their energy spending while increasing its own resources.

    "CPL Retail Energy is committed to harnessing our energy expertise to make a difference in people’s lives," company president Steven Murray said in a news release. "Our Reduce Your Use grants are designed to support nonprofits in decreasing their energy use in order to have more funds to help their mission."

    Since implementing energy deregulation laws in 2002, a number of retail energy providers have set up shop in Texas. To entice customers to switch providers, many have used unconventional methods to get their name out. Bounce energy, recently entered – and won – a competition in which it proved it had the best social media marketing campaign.