As the number of electricity providers throughout the country grows, many have become more heavily involved in local communities. The Atascocita Observer reports that Tri-Eagle Energy has helped create a program designed to support local schools in Humble, Texas, just north of Houston.

The Humble Independent School District joined with Power to Kids Inc. and Tri-Eagle to offer lower electricity rates as well as an easy way for the schools to gain access to money raised by Tri-Eagle customers.

Power to Kids is a non-profit electricity provider that helps schools facing high electricity prices to promote the use of electronics and other important educational tools. Meanwhile, Tri-Eagle has created a system allowing Humble residents to donate a portion of their electricity bills to the school system. Tri-Eagle offers a similar option to several other townships.

To celebrate the partnership, Humble ISD put together a contest for its students to draw some of the potential uses for this electricity and how the relationship will benefit the school.

The winner of the competition, 10-year-old Kaitlyn Bird, earned herself and her classmates a pizza party sponsored by Tri-Eagle, but even more importantly she helped inform parents about the options they have to help support their community just by paying their utility bills.

Author: Adam Cain

Adam Cain

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