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    One of the top ways electricity deregulation changed the energy market was by bringing a greater relationship between businesses or residents and their electricity companies. Part of this new connection is the active hand many retail electricity providers have taken in the communities they serve.

    Now Stream Energy, one of the fastest growing electricity providers serving Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, announced that it has been recognized for its outstanding contributions by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

    Working within their area of expertise, Stream Energy implemented a major campaign to raise awareness of and build support for the Utility Emergency Services Fund, which helps families in need pay their heating and electricity bills.

    "While it is gratifying to be recognized for our efforts, it is more important to highlight the need to assist struggling families," Stream Energy chairman Rob Snyder said in a statement. "We commend our friends at UESF for the good work they are doing on behalf of families in Philadelphia."

    Pennsylvania has only recently seen the full implementation of electricity deregulation, with the end of caps on electricity rates only beginning at the start of last year.