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    Dallas, Texas-based electricity provider Stream Energy announced on Thursday, March 15, that it intends to extend its services to many commercial customers in the eastern half of Pennsylvania.

    For the time being, the company will be available to businesses in the PPL service area, the utility company that covers much of the central eastern part of the state, north of Philadelphia. Soon, however, the company will also expand into that city, moving into the PECO service area.

    Stream Energy also plans to offer its services in parts of nearby Maryland.

    "The Stream Energy story continues to unfold across the deregulated energy landscape, and we are pleased to expand in the northeast," Stream Energy chairman Rob Snyder said in a statement. "Commercial clients in Pennsylvania may now join their counterparts in Texas and Georgia in receiving Stream Energy's service excellence and competitive pricing, and very soon businesses in Maryland will also be able to enjoy the Stream Energy advantage."

    Commercial customers in PPL's service area have already begun to support electricity deregulation in the state, with nearly 50 percent using alternative electricity providers, well above the statewide average of 35.5 percent, according to