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A lot of people complain about their state’s electricity rate. In states like Hawaii, Alaska, and most of the Northeast, they have a good reason to complain since they have the highest rates in the US. However, having a high electricity rate doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be stuck with a huge electricity bill at the end of the month.

Some states are stuck with a high average electricity rate but tend to use less energy resulting in a lower electricity bill than a state with a low average rate but high energy usage. It made us wonder: which states have the highest average electricity bill? Below is a ranking of all 50 states by average monthly electricity bill.

Top 10 Highest Average Electricity Bill

1. South Carolina (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $146)

South Carolina shouldn’t have the highest bills in the country because their average rate is only12.78 /kWh (20th highest). However, residents tend to consume more energy than most states at1,155 kWh per customer (6th highest).

2. Alabama (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $146)

At only12.61 /kWh, Alabama doesn’t rank in the top 20 for highest electricity rates. However, the state tends to use more energy than most of the country at1,214 kWh per customer (3rd highest).

3. Connecticut (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $142)

Connecticut ranks 15th in lowest energy consumption in the US. The state does have the 3rd highest average rate in the country at20.31 /kWh.

4. Maryland (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $142)

Maryland ranks in the top half for both average electricity rates (13.99 /kWh) and average monthly usage (995 kWh per customer).

5. Hawaii (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $139)

Hawaiian’s have the highest electricity rates in the country at29.50 /kWh. However, they consume the lowest amount of electricity on average at just505 kWh per customer.

6. Georgia (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $131)

Georiga has some of the better average electricity rates in the country at just11.80 /kWh (20th lowest). However, they more energy than most states at1,138 kWh per customer (7th highest).

7. Tennesse (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $129)

Tennesse has the 7th lowest electricity rates in the country at just10.65 /kWh. But, residents consume the 2nd highest about of electricity in the US at1,238 kWh per customer.

8. Virginia (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $127)

Again, Virginia ranks in the lower half for average electricity rate in the US at11.67 /kWh but they are a top 10 consumer in electricity at1,120 kWh per customer on average.

9. Texas (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $127)

Texans consume about1,156 kWh per customer (5th highest) but have the 13th lowest average rate at11.18 /kWh.

10. Delaware (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $127)

Delaware has some of the higher electricity rates in the US at13.44 /kWh. They also rank in the top half for energy consumption at947 kWh per customer (24th highest).

Top 10 Lowest Average Electricity Bill

50. New Mexico (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $76)

New Mexico doesn’t have extremely lowest electricity rates. In fact, they have the 19th highest average rate in the country at12.92 /kWh. However, residents consume only631 kWh per customer which is the 10th lowest in the US. This results in the lowest average electricity bill in the US.

49. Utah (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $83)

Utah residents enjoy low electricity rates having the 10th lowest in the country at11.04 /kWh. They are also in the bottom half of energy usage in the US AT750 kWh per customer. This results in the 2nd lowest average electricity bill in the country.

48. Colorado (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $84)

Coloradois in the middle of the pack with an average rate of12.13 /kWh. However, they are in the bottom half of energy usage at just694 kWh per customer.

47. Maine (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $86)

Maine residents have the 10th highest average electricity rates at15.96 /kWh. However, they have the 2nd lowest energy consumption in the US at only546 kWh per customer.

46. Montana (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $89)

Montana is in the bottom half for both average electricity rate (11.11 /kWh) and average usage (813 kWh per customer).

45. Washington (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $91)

Washington residents enjoy the 2nd lowest average electricity rates in the country at9.60 /kWh. The state is the 22nd highest energy consumer at955 kWh per customer.

44. Illinois (Average Monthly Electricity Bill = $92)

Illinois has the 16th highest average electricity rates in the US AT12.70 /kWh. However,they are in the bottom half of energy usage at733 kWh per customer (16th lowest).

43. Wyoming (Average Electricity Bill = $95)

Wyoming residents enjoy lower than average electricity rates at11.41 /kWh and are also in the bottom half of energy consumption at850 kWh per customer (21st lowest).

42. Idaho (Average Electricity Bill = $95)

Idaho has the 3rd lowest average electricity rate in the states at10.11 /kWh. However, they are in the top half of energy consumption at953 kWh per customer (23rd highest).

41. California (Average Electricity Bill = $95)

With an average rate of18.24 /kWh, Californians have the 7th highest rates in the country. However, residents have the 3rd lowest energy consumption at547 kWh per customer.

The Remaining States

11. West Virginia ($126 Average Electricity Bill)

12. Mississippi ($126 Average Electricity Bill)

13. Arizona ($125 Average Electricity Bill)

14. Florida ($123Average Electricity Bill)

15. North Carolina ($121Average Electricity Bill)

16. Alaska ($120Average Electricity Bill)

17. Kentucky ($181Average Electricity Bill)

18. Kansas ($117Average Electricity Bill)

19. Pennsylvania ($117 Average Electricity Bill)

20. Missouri ($117Average Electricity Bill)

21. Louisana ($116 Average Electricity Bill)

22. Indiana ($115Average Electricity Bill))

23. Massachusetts ($114Average Electricity Bill)

24. South Dakota ($113Average Electricity Bill)

25. Ohio ($111Average Electricity Bill)

26. Oklahoma ($111Average Electricity Bill)

27. New Hampshire ($111Average Electricity Bill)

28. Rhode Island ($109Average Electricity Bill)

29. New Jersey ($109Average Electricity Bill)

30. Arkansas ($107Average Electricity Bill)

31. North Dakota ($106Average Electricity Bill)

32. Nevada ($105Average Electricity Bill)

33. Nebraska ($105Average Electricity Bill)

34. New York ($105Average Electricity Bill)

35. Iowa ($103 Average Electricity Bill)

36. Michigan ($102Average Electricity Bill)

37. Minnesota ($97Average Electricity Bill)

38. Oregon ($97Average Electricity Bill)

39. Wisconsin ($96Average Electricity Bill)

40. Vermont ($95Average Electricity Bill)

Source: USA Today