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    Eversource has issued a warning to all customers to be on the look out for potential scammers. These scams have come in the form of impersonators coming to customers’ homes and trying to obtain account information or access into the customer’s houses. Most recently scammers have been calling residential and business Eversource customers and telling them that their power will be shut off unless payment is immediately made. They key to both scenarios is that the scammers seems to always be looking for instant money by telling customers to keep their power on they have to pay with a pre-paid debit car or a Western Union money transfer.

    “These scams work by panicking customers and catching them off guard, hoping they’ll ignore their better judgment and make a quick cash payment,” Penni Conner, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Eversource told Mass Live. “If any of our customers suspect someone is impersonating a representative of Eversource on the phone or in-person, even if they show identification, please contact us immediately or call the local police.”

    Eversource customers should take note that representatives never demand instant payment over the phone and they especially do not require the use of pre-paid debit cards or Western Union money transfers. If you believe that the representative that called or visited you is infact a scammer, you can ask to verify the past due balance, name and address associated with the account in question to prove that they are an Eversource representative.

    If you believe that you have been in touch with someone who is running a scam please call Eversource directly;1-800-592-2000 for Eastern Massachusetts customers,1-877-659-6326 for Western Massachusetts customers and 1-800-286-2000 for Connecticut customers.

    Source: Mass Live