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Are you ready to save big?

As an Eversource electricity customer in Connecticut, you have a plethora of rebates and programs that you can use to increase your home's energy efficiency and save on your energy expenses.

Many of these programs and rebates are offered through Energize Connecticut, and range from a few bucks off your next LED light bulb, to saving thousands on a new HVAC system. Take a look and see where you can save!

Eversource Program Overview

Learn more about specific programs by clicking the links below.

Eversource's Energy Savings Plan

Eversource's Energy Savings Plan is a free online planning tool that uses your energy consumption data to help you build a plan to lower your energy consumption.

This tool can help you compare your home's energy usage with similar homes, see what's consuming the most energy in your household and can recommend and track energy efficiency improvements.

To get started, go to the Eversource Energy Savings Plan page.

Eversource Savings Center

The Eversource Savings Center is a marketplace where you can purchase energy-efficient appliances like light bulbs, thermostats, washers and dryers, TVs and more. Certain products come with hefty discounts that you can use to save.

At the time of this writing, the most notable discount is the $100 off smart thermostats, making many of the thermostats extremely affordable.

To receive any of the discounts/rebates on the site, you just need to prove that you're an Eversource electricity customer when you check out.

Home Energy Solutions Energy Audit

Home Energy Solutions is a state-wide program that offers a home energy audit for the low price of $50. Here’s how a home energy audit works:

  1. An energy technician comes to your home to evaluate its energy efficiency.
  2. The energy tech makes on-the-spot improvements, installing things like energy-efficient light bulbs and low-flow showerheads.
  3. After the audit, the energy tech provides further recommendations to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

They will also make you aware of further rebates and incentives that you can use to save money on energy-efficiency upgrades. For example, you may be able to get $1.70 off per square foot of recommended home insulation.

Depending on your home, this program can help you make significant cuts to your energy bills. For $50, the average Connecticut household has received $1,000 in services and $200-$250 in energy savings a year. Plus, if you fall under certain household income specifications, you can have this fee waived and may be eligible for special rebates.

How To Apply For A Home Energy Solutions Energy Audit

You can get started by either calling 1-877-WISE-USE (1-877-947-3873) or by going to Eversource’s website.

To get the fee waived and qualify for special rebates based on your income, Eversource instructs you to call 1-877-WISE-USE (1-877-947-3873). You will need to provide proof of income.

If you rent, you will need your landlord's permission to complete a Home Energy Solutions energy audit.

HVAC Rebates & Discounts

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can contribute up to 50% of your total energy costs. To help you combat this, Eversource partnered with Energize Connecticut to offer rebates and discounts on HVAC equipment:

How To Apply For HVAC Rebates & Discounts

To qualify for these rebates and discounts, the system you install in your home must meet certain energy-efficiency criteria and go through a specific installation process. You can find all these details on

Water Heater Discounts

After your HVAC system, your water heater is likely the next largest energy hog in your home. On average, water heaters make up 14% of a home's total energy consumption. Thankfully, as an Eversource customer, you can get large discounts on ENERGY STAR-certified water heaters to cut back.

How To Get Water Heater Discounts

To qualify for these discounts, the system you purchase must hit certain energy-efficiency thresholds. You can find the minimum specifications for the heat pump water heater and the natural gas water heaters on

If you want to apply for the natural gas water heater discount, you must have a professional purchase the equipment from a participating distributor and install it for you.

Residential New Construction Program

If you're building a new home, you can receive rebates ranging from $1,500-$7,000 if you build your home to certain energy efficiency standards. These rebates are based on what's called a Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) index. Furthermore, you may be able to qualify for more federal rebates that can put even more cash in your pocket.

How To Use The Residential New Construction Program

To qualify for these rebates, you must start this process before you start construction on your new home.

  1. Call The Eversource Program Administrator at 860-665-5825 to get started.
  2. Hire A HERS Rater – You can find participating HERS Raters on
  3. Submit Application Plans – Before you move forward with construction, your HERS Rater submits the application with your plans.
  4. Build Your Home And Conduct Tests – Build your home and your HERS Rater will conduct tests and inspections along the way.
  5. Submit Your Final Rebate Application

Looking For Other Ways To Save On Your Electricity Bill?

In the long run, you can earn back the money you spend on the programs above through savings on your energy bills. But if you don't want to spend that money to save, you don't have to.

If you switch electricity providers, you can find a plan with a lower electricity supply rate and start saving for free, right now.

To make your switching process a breeze, lets you compare plans and providers side by side so you can find the perfect plan for you.

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    Disclaimer: Rebates and programs change regularly and may differ from what's written in this post. Check out your utility's website or to ensure you have all the necessary information to qualify for rebates and discounts.