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    Illinois has become a leader in the nation for showing how to properly implement a deregulated energy market, and now that more than 1 million people have taken advantage of the laws and sought out the best electricity rate, the state is hoping to encourage more people to switch.

    Despite the known benefits of switching, many customers have been reluctant to break away from their current provider. To encourage more switching, the Illinois Commerce Commission has made information available to consumers that will make the switching process easier than ever.

    According to The Shopper Online, the ICC's new resource gives answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding independent electric suppliers, and simplifies the process by which people compare electricity rates.

    "It pays to be informed," the ICC said in a statement about switching energy providers. "Make sure you understand the electric choice basics for simple information about alternative Energy Choices"

    Spark Energy, one area retail energy provider, has been following the situation since the laws were implemented in 1997, and has been enticing people to switch suppliers by offering financial incentives and lower electricity rates.