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    Electricity deregulation in Texas continues to give businesses and residents in the state access to new services.

    Retail electricity provider Reliant Energy announced late last month that it has taken up the call from the White House to jump onboard the new Green Button program.

    Green Button is designed to offer customers a way to get access to all of their electricity usage information in an easy-to-access and standardized format. The Obama administration hopes the program will allow people take advantage of the information being produced by smart meters to help reduce their electricity bills.

    “More than half a million customers today are using Reliant's smart energy solutions to conserve energy and make cost-saving decisions that positively impact their pocketbooks and the environment,” said Jason Few, president of Reliant as well as executive vice president and chief customer officer at its parent company NRG. “Green Button is another way that Reliant customers can learn about how they use electricity and continue to make smart Energy Choices that work for them.”

    Competition between electricity providers has spurred the creation of a variety of special electricity rates and interesting new programs, such as Reliant’s adoption of Green Button.