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    Constellation, a subsidiary of Exelon, announced on June 4 that the Manufacturers' Association of South Central Pennsylvania (MASCPA) signed a contract that will allow Constellation to supply the group power for three years.

    The agreement gives Constellation the freedom to provide MASCPA with a variety of energy-related services, including the company's Efficiency Made Easy, which groups together the cost of energy efficiency upgrades with power supply. The retail energy provider is also offering its load response package, allowing businesses to set up an alternative revenue stream for lower energy consumption during times of heavy electricity usage.

    "We are thrilled with this opportunity to offer Pennsylvania manufacturers a broader array of energy solutions to help them meet their financial and sustainability goals," said Mark Huston, senior vice president retail for Constellation.

    Michael Smeltzer, executive director of MASCPA, added that the partnership will "enable our member companies to contract with Constellation in order to manage price risk in today's volatile energy market."

    Pennsylvania is one of several states that have passed energy deregulation laws, giving customers the opportunity to choose and switch electricity providers depending on the electricity rates and other benefits they offer.