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    Pennsylvania-based alternative electricity provider PPL EnergyPlus recently announced that it has expanded its electricity services to the nearby state of Maryland.

    Owned by the parent company of prominent Pennsylvania utility company PPL, the electricity supplier has been a major player in the growing Pennsylvania electricity market.

    With that state now more than a year past the end of the electricity rates caps that prevented serious competition in the market, PPL EnergyPlus has decided to expand its services to business customers in the service area of Baltimore Gas & Electric.

    The Maryland Public Service Commission reports that only slightly more than 25 percent of the utility's customers receive their power from alternative electricity providers, but commercial and industrial customers have proven much more aggressive in searching out deals.

    Nearly 42 percent of all such customers chose to switch electricity providers, but as many as 94 percent of the largest customers have made the shift.

    PPL EnergyPlus president Robert Gabbard explained to SmartBusiness Philadelphia that Pennsylvania has created numerous new opportunities for businesses to search for and negotiate for lower electricity rates, and similar possibilities also exist in Maryland.