Inclement weather can be anything from an annoyance to a serious threat, but under almost all circumstances it represents a potential problem for utility companies. Yet, despite the turbulent weather so far this year, a new survey from The Harris Poll found that most of the U.S. is actually largely satisfied with the performance of their electricity providers during inclement weather.

Overall satisfaction proved to be one of the most impressive figures, with 73 percent at least "satisfied" with the restoration of their power. Though most people felt that communication was still lacking, 59 percent still said electricity companies treated them fairly in attempting to restore power to the region.

The issue has not been small either, with roughly one-quarter of all respondents reporting they have lost power at some point in the past 30 days. Earlier in the year saw a spate of deadly tornadoes in some parts of the country followed by flash-flooding in other areas and Hurricanes along the East Coast.

The issue proves important given that the majority of all respondents reported they did not have any kind of emergency supply kit – 57 percent – or conduct any kind of preparations for bad weather – 51 percent.

Author: Adam Cain

Adam Cain

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