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    In 2009 PECO Energy launched their Smart Ideas efficiency program which was created to help customers reduce their energy usage and save on their electricity bill. This Smart Ideas program has led PECO customers to purchase more than twelve million CFL and LED bulbs. Additionally, PECO Energy has conducted more than 7,200 in-home assessments for these customers on how to reduce their energy usage. With all of these customers involved with the Smart Ideas program, PECO has seen customers recieve almost a half million efficiency rebates.

    "Our customers are saving energy and money every day with PECO Smart Ideas," PECO CEO Craig Adams said in a statement. "We look forward to identifying even more programs and initiatives that transform how we use energy."

    Since 2009, PECO customers have reduced their energy usage by two million MWH resulting in $463 Million in savings.

    PECO’s Smart Idea’s program was put into effect due to the Pennsylvania Energy Act which created energy efficiency goals for the state. This included the requirement of Pennsylvania electric utilities to create progams such as the Smart Ideas program to help customers lower their energy usage by 1% by 2011 and 3% by 2013. This is not the end to the goals, by 2016 the goal for reduced energy usage is 2.9% and by 2021 it goes up to 5%.

    Source: UtilityDive