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    Ever wonder how much your neighbors are spending on Electricity and if you are paying a lot more? PECO Energy has recently submitted a plan to the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission that will allow customers to compare their energy usage to their neighbors as well as residents in their given area. This comparison will give customers the ability to see if they are missing out on savings that their neighbors are seeing. If this plan is approved, customers will be getting the benefits of comparing as early as June.

    This is just one of many items that PECO has taken on to help customers save on their electricity bills. PECO’s 2012 $795 million initative to enable all their customers with smart meters is coming to a conclusion this year.

    “The meters make better, faster service for our customers…” PECO President and CEOCraig Adamssaid. “A trend we are seeing is that more small businesses are operating out of residential than before, so that's driving down energy usage as well."

    This falls in-line with PECO offering customers rebates if they purchase or use energy efficient household appliances or lights.

    With all these savings mechanisms in place, PECO still is raising rates next year. Residential customers will see a $4.17 lift in their bill while small and large businesses will see rates increase by $17.02 and $432.32 respectively. Hopefully with all the PECO saving initiatives as well as being able to compare provider rates customers will still see strong savings come 2016.

    Source: BizJournals