For some people, finding the best electricity rate may lie in installing residential wind energy systems, which can either operate independently or be connected to the grid, allowing the user to sell power back to the servicing utility, Forbes reports.

According to the news source, a new online tool has become available that will help those interested in residential wind energy choose the best system for them and find out the best ways to begin installation.The website features lists and rebates, as well as existing and potential future subsidies for wind system owners, all of which help electric customers determine the exact rate they will pay for their wind power.

The resource was developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which recently performed updates on the site to include constantly changing electricity rates.

“The idea of the tool is to help people figure out the cost of energy for distributed wind and grow the installations of turbines,” said Alice Orrell, a research engineer who heads the project at the lab.

The website will also give lawmakers the chance to discover what areas of renewable energy development need the most attention.

Author: Adam Cain

Adam Cain

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