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    Oasis Energy and the Veterans Chamber of Commerce (VCOC) introduced a new program designed to directly assist veterans and their families. The VCOC in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey has chosen Oasis Energy as their partner to offer VCOC members in PA, NJ and MD discounted rates on electricity and natural gas service for their homes and business. In addition to the discounted rates, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Veterans Connection Center to invest in these local veteran communities through training, education, and developing positive connections.

    Courtney Wise, the PAVCOC's Community Executive Director remarked, "The Pennsylvania Veterans Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with Oasis Energy. Oasis continues to demonstrate not just through words, but also through actions that they support our service men and women 100%. In addition to donating a portion of the revenue from these sales to the PAVCOC, Oasis Energy will provide discounted energy service for our Veteran owned businesses as well as our Service Disabled owned Veteran businesses. Just about every home and business uses electricity and natural gas, so this partnership is a great fit, and benefits a large percentage of our membership base."

    Ed Hale, Oasis Energy's Director of Sales and a graduate of West Point, described the new partnership with the VCOC by saying, "Oasis Energy is proud to support the veteran community and is especially pleased that we can make an impact at the local level. I know from my time in the service, the US Armed Forces is comprised of some of the most intelligent, dedicated and selfless people in the world. This program allows us to directly give back to local vets and assist organizations providing veteran outreach and support in their local community."

    Hale continued, "We think it's great how the Veterans Chamber of Commerce helps veterans leverage their valuable skills and relationships into career and business success. As a privately held small business, Oasis Energy always strives to give back to the veteran community, whether it be through discounted services or through our own internal hiring practices. We appreciate and value our veterans, both for their past accomplishments and for what they're capable of accomplishing in the future."

    This program is available to all VCOC Members in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland who are located in a utility area serviced by Oasis Energy. Members can check rates, availability, and sign up for the veteran's discount at or by calling Oasis Energy directly at 800-324-3046. Additional details are also available on the Pennsylvania Veterans Chamber of Commerce website at, and on the New Jersey Veterans Chamber of Commerce website at