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    Oasis Energylaunched their "Plant A Tree" reward program. Oasis Energy has partnered withTreecyclerto reward all Oasis customers who sign up or renew their electricity or natural gas service with a Plant A Tree code, also known as a Treecycler code. The codes allow Oasis customers the ability to have a tree planted in their name, at one of the dozens of reforestation projects around the globe.

    What makes Oasis Energy's program unique is that the customer gets to decide where their tree is planted. After signing up for gas or electric service the customer is emailed a code that can be redeemed on Then, Oasis Energy customers can browse dozens of reforestation projects and decide where they want their tree to go. During the process, the user can browse a map, and select from dozens of local, national and international reforestation sites.

    Current local planting sites include projects in Maryland and Pennsylvania to reforest the mined land of Appalachia by reestablishing the hardwood forests that once dominated the landscape. The planting project in New Jersey will shade playgrounds, plant riparian buffers and reforest open lands. In New York, the site's goal is to re-leaf the state's tributary streams. Forests next to these streams maintain and enhance water quality, filter pollutants and reduce erosion and flooding, protect property and cool temperatures for habitat, fish, and wildlife.

    "The hardest part will be deciding where to have your tree planted because there are so many worthwhile projects around the world to choose from", said Justin Snyder the National Brand Manager for Oasis Energy.

    Each Oasis customer's tree is planted during the proper planting season for the selected location. Planting seasons vary around the world based on climate and tree type. Users who connect their Facebook account at the time they redeem their Treecycler code will be notified through facebook when their tree is planted.

    Oasis Energy's plant a tree reward program isn't limited to customers who purchase 100% renewable electricity plans. Every electricity and natural gas plan offered by the company will include a free Plant A Tree code.

    "Originally, we had considered making our Plant A Tree promotion exclusive to customers who select one of our green energy plans. However, during the process we decided to give Plant A Tree codes to every Oasis Energy employee, and the feedback we got back from our staff was resoundingly positive. They loved it. Our staff planted their trees in a variety of places, and each person had their own reason for selecting a location. The consensus was, this feels really good'. We agreed. Planting trees does feel good and the simple act of planting a tree can make a real difference. We should be planting as many trees as possible. The more, the better. So we unanimously decided that all customers who sign up or renew service will get a free Plant A Tree code. We're really proud of this program." said Snyder.