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    After Apple built its $1 billion data center, which was powered by solar energy, Catawba County, North Carolina is on pace to become one of the most successful areas for solar power in the state, which could help residents find the best electricity rates.

    According to the Charlotte Observer, Apple recently finished installing a 20-megawatt solar farm at the data center, making it the state's largest array. But another company recently announced plans to build a 17.5 megawatt solar farm in Claremont, while Strata Solar is currently working to install a 6.4 megawatt system in the county.

    When all of the new installations are in, the solar output will easily surpass that over neighboring counties, which will likely encourage more people to adopt solar power as their preferred Energy Choice.

    According to the Energy Information Administration, North Carolina generated 5.3 percent of its total electricity from renewable sources in 2011. As renewable power sources, such as solar, continue to take off, more residents are switching to such systems, as they often can deliver the best electricity rates.