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    Frontier Communications Corporation, which was originally established as a major provider of communications services with a focus on rural customers, announced on October 25 that would soon launch FTR Energy Services to take advantage of certain state's deregulated markets.

    The spinoff will provide cost-effective, clean energy purchased wholesale and sold through a competitive energy market, making it one of the first companies to use its broadband network to deliver electricity. The company chose Crius Energy to perform the distribution work, which has retail operations in 10 states.

    "FTR Energy Services builds on our strong relationship with our customers and our commitment to the communities we serve. They trust us to provide additional value, and we take that obligation to heart," said Ann Burr, president, New Product Trials and Integration, Frontier Communications. "As with other partnerships, we have selected industry leader, Crius Energy, to craft an offering that helps customers and enhances our business without additional cost or operational complexity."

    Crius Energy, based in Connecticut, operates in states that have implemented energy deregulation laws, which include Texas, New Jersey Illinois and Ohio.