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    More and more companies are finding ways to make choice in electricity providers a positive not just for individuals, but for communities as well. reports that the Association for Special Children and Families, a non-profit designed to help children with disabilities based in West Milford, New Jersey, has teamed up with Viridian Energy to make switching electricity providers into a way to support a cause.

    The deal offers the ASCF $2 per month for every customer that the organization manages to sign up with the electricity supplier and even more for business and industrial accounts that tend to use substantially more electricity. The ASCF and even the customers themselves pay nothing other than the lower electricity rates they would get through Viridian regardless.

    "It's an easy way to raise money as well as help the environment," Angela Abdul of the ASCF told "[And] it doesn't cost anything to get into or get out of… so give it a shot."

    Despite its long-standing policy of electricity deregulation, only slightly more than 10 percent of New Jersey customers have chosen to switch electricity providers and barely more than 9 percent of residential customers, according to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.