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Each year, Connecticut and Massachusetts residents save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills through the Home Energy Solutions assessment. This fantastic program sends energy technicians to your home so they can make energy improvements and recommendations.

Unfortunately, along with every other facet of life, COVID-19 has disrupted this program. Techs cannot complete home visits at this time.

To make up for this, utilities are now offering virtual pre-assessments at no charge. It's perhaps one of the easiest ways to save on your energy bills (outside of switching electricity suppliers through of course).

Read on to learn more about the Home Energy Solutions assessment program, and how you can take advantage of your virtual pre-assessment today.

Key Takeaways

  • Massachusetts and Connecticut residents can save with a low, or no-cost home energy solutions assessment from their utility.
  • With a Home Energy Solutions assessment, an energy tech will make, and recommend, energy-efficiency improvements to your home.
  • In Massachusetts, the Home Energy Solutions assessment is free.
  • In Connecticut, the Home Energy Solutions assessment is $75.
  • However, both states are offering free virtual pre-assessments, which can help Connecticut residents qualify for a free full assessment later.

Home Energy Solutions Assessment

In a Home Energy Solutions assessment, a certified contractor will evaluate your home to make, and recommend, energy-efficiency improvements. This helps you save money on your energy bills.

How much money?

It's different for every home. For some, maybe not much. But it cut this Massachusetts resident's energy costs by 40%. So it's safe to say that it has the potential to put some extra cash in your pocket.

Here are some of the products and services contractors provide during the assessment:

  • Installation of Energy-Saving Products – At no cost to you, the technician will install LED light bulbs, advanced power strips, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators and programmable thermostats, where applicable.
  • Blower Door Test – Finds where hot/cool air may be escaping your home.
  • Air Sealing – Caulking windows, installing weather stripping and door sweeps to stop hot/cool air from escaping your home.
  • Duct Test – Checks for leaks in central heating or A/C system.
  • Safety Test – Test's appliances and gas lines for combustion, carbon monoxide, drafts or spillage.
  • Further Recommendations – The tech will recommend further energy-efficiency improvements.

On top of all that, the program sometimes offers money off those recommendations. In fact, for a limited time, the program has a special offer that can get your entire home insulated for free!

The best part of all this is that the Home Assessment may come at no cost to you. It just depends on what state you live in and your individual circumstances.

Home Energy Solutions In Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, the Mass Save collaborative sponsors this program.

This collaborative consists of utility companies in the state, including Berkshire Gas, Blackstone Gas Company, Cape Light Compact, Columbia Gas, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid and Unitil.

Almost any Massachusetts resident can get a Home Energy Assessment for free. However, in a way, you already paid for it. Each month when you get your energy bill, there is a small energy-efficiency fee that supports this program.

Home Energy Solutions In Connecticut

In Connecticut, the Energize Connecticut collaborative sponsors this program.

Local utility companiesincluding Eversource and United Illuminatingsupport this collaborative with a small charge on your electricity bill.

However, even with the small charge, the Home Energy Solutions assessment costs $75. But don't get frustrated with the price yet.

First, the charge on your Connecticut utility bill for the program is half of Massachusetts's charge. Second, virtual pre-assessments are free. And your free assessment may help you qualify for a free in-home assessment later based on your circumstances.

How Do The Virtual Pre-Assessments Work?

The no-cost virtual pre-assessment allows you to virtually contact an energy tech through a video call. You then take the techs through your home and they make energy-efficiency recommendations.

After the call, you get

  • An Energy Report – A report with further recommendations on how you can save more energy.
  • Free Energy-Saving Products – Free products you can install yourself like LED light bulbs and advanced power strips.

This allows you to start saving today, instead of waiting for at-home services to resume.

When they do, a technician will come out to complete the rest of the services offered in the original Home Energy Solutions program. Again, in Connecticut, you may have the ability to waive the $75 fee depending on your circumstances.

Do I Qualify For A Home Energy Assessment?

Most likely.

If you own a 1-4 unit home you qualify for a Home Energy Assessment. If you're renting a 1-4 unit home, you must ask your landlord for permission.

How To Get A Virtual Assessment

Each utility has its own instructions to obtain a virtual assessment.

In Connecticut

Eversource Customers:

Eversource customers should call 1-877-WISE-USE to schedule a virtual assessment.

United Illuminating Customers:

United Illuminating says its customers should call 1-877-WISE-USE or visit to schedule a virtual assessment.

In Massachusetts

Eversource Customers:

Eversource customers in MA should call 844-887-1400 to schedule a no-cost virtual assessment

Unitil and National Grid Customers:

Unitil's and National Grid's websites don't say anything about virtual pre-assessments.

However, Mass Save (the collaborative organization overseeing the program in Massachusetts) says you can schedule a no-cost virtual assessment by calling 1-866-527-SAVE .

Other Ways To Save

A Home Energy Solutions assessment is not the only way you can save. If you live in Massachusetts or Connecticut, you have Energy Choice. This allows you to choose your electricity provider and possibly save on your electricity. helps you compare electricity suppliers to find the right plan for you. If you want to see the options available in your area, all you have to do is enter your ZIP Code at the top of this page. If you find a plan you like, you can select the plan and switch in minutes.