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    If the Nebraska Public Power District approves a recent request for higher electricity rates, residents throughout Nebraska may soon start paying more for their electricity service, the Kearney Hub reports.

    According to the news outlet, NPPD has until November to decide whether it will approve a measure that would raise electricity rates by as much as 4 percent. This is lower than NPPD's last rate hike, which sent electricity prices 6.5 percent higher, and has been in effect since January 2012. The increase is standard, utilities say, and is similar to that which happens every year.

    "We have cost increases for fuel, cost of wire (transmission lines) and poles that go up. We incur those costs just as any other business does, except we operate at cost-of-service — no dividends paid to stockholders — just low cost," said Mark Becker, NPPD's media relations specialist.

    According to The Associated Press, the exact amount of the increase would depend on the type of energy being consumed. Residential energy customers could see rates rise by as much as 6 percent, while irrigation and lighting customers will likely see much lower rates.