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    As one state legislator attempts to bring more competition between electricity providers in Michigan, others have started pushing in the exact opposite direction.

    Last month, State Representative Mike Shirkey introduced a bill that would open up electricity deregulation to more of the state's residents, increasing what proportion are allowed to switch electricity providers by as much as 5 percent per year, from the current 10 percent.

    However, reports that State Representative Kenneth Horn of Frankenmuth, the chairman of the House Energy and Technology Committee, has proposed a competing bill that would actually end electricity deregulation in Michigan, restoring the utility company monopolies from a decade ago.

    Horn suggests that neither bill is likely to get much consideration, but Shirkey continues to argue his case.

    "This to me, in my mind, makes it even more important that we have the debate," Shirkey told the news source. "Because we now have two opposing philosophies that the citizens of Michigan need to have vetted out. I believe strongly that the public will see (more competition is) a more appropriate direction for Michigan and the data will suggest that it's better."

    While only 10 percent of customers can switch electricity providers, the utilities keep waiting lists as well. Consumers Energy's queue alone accounts for more energy than the 10 percent allowable limit.