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    After four years of the half-measure, one Michigan state legislator has introduced a new bill that would implement a more open form of electricity deregulation, according to Crain's Detroit Business.

    State Representative Mike Shirkey announced on Tuesday, March 20, he had introduced a bill that would lift the cap in the state on the number of people and businesses that are allowed to switch electricity providers.

    The 2008 law that first implemented electricity deregulation capped these switches at 10 percent of all customers, which has led to a massive waiting list for those hoping to gain access to lower electricity rates from competitive suppliers. It has also limited the impact of competition, since businesses have little incentive to move into the state to fight over customers.

    Instead, Shirkey's bill would immediately raise the cap to the number of people currently on the waiting list, with the possibility of raising the cap even further in coming years based on popular demand. reports that both Consumers Energy and Detroit Edison, the state's two primary utility companies have come out in opposition of the bill, arguing that greater uncertainty will drive up costs.