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    The National Energy Marketers Association recently came together for its Annual Fall Roundtable, which started on October 15 in Lansing, Michigan, and covered regulatory and legislative energy policy in the state.

    Leaders from the Michigan energy industry, as well as from large competitive energy suppliers around the country, will meet to discuss the effect a competitive energy market would have on economic growth, job creation, local and global competitiveness and electricity rates.

    "We look forward to gathering top energy policy leaders to discuss Michigan’s electric and natural gas markets and avenues of potential change that will benefit the State and its citizens," said Craig Goodman, president of NEM.

    Goodman added that NEM is committed to serving Michigan electricity customers, and that the organization hopes to serve more in the future to offer residents the best service, the best electricity rates and the best technologies.

    Michigan officials will soon go into talks to determine the feasibility of creating a competitive energy market, which would allow state residents to shop around for the best electricity rate and switch providers if a better option is identified.