Energy Plus Holdings, recently rated one of the fastest-growing retail energy providers, announced on July 17, 2012, that it had broadened its services to include residents in Massachusetts.

While NSTAR, National Grid and WMECo are currently the largest energy providers in the area, competition will heat up as they will have more options to purchase their electricity. The company says it will use a number of incentives to entice customer to switch energy providers, including airline, hotel and cash-back programs.

"Our ability to provide residential customers cash back or vacations just for paying their energy bill has proven to be successful in the states we currently serve," said Steve Barnes, President of Energy Plus. "We're thrilled to bring our unique rewards program and stellar customer service to the residents of Massachusetts."

The move marks the ninth state that can benefit from the rewards programs offered by Energy Plus. In 2011, the company gave out more than 800 million airline, hotel and loyalty program miles, and more than $5 million in cash-back incentives.

Energy Plus now operates in a number of states with energy deregulation laws in place, which include Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and a number of Mid-Atlantic and New England states.

Author: Adam Cain

Adam Cain

Adam Cain is a content writer for who has an avid interest in energy news and trends affecting consumers at the national, state, and local level.