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Massachusetts has some of the highest electricity prices in the US, mainly caused by a lack of natural gas supply for the state. Now, with natural gas prices as low as they have ever been, electricity providers are offering HUGE electricity supply savings.

How huge? Some can save up to 33% on their electricity supply at the time of this writing. To put this in perspective,'s motto is "save up to 30% on your electricity supply," so it looks like we have to make some updates…

Check out some of the best savings below, or just type in your ZIP Code above to see how much you can save.

Graphic depicting each MA utility's Price to Compare vs Supplier Prices

Note: Dollar savings are based on the average household electricity use in the United States according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The EIA states the average home used 914 kilowatt-hours a month in 2018.

National Grid (MA Electric) Electricity Savings

If you supply your electricity through National Grid, you can save up to 33% on your electricity supply by switching to Constellation's "36 Month Home Power Plan." This plan locks your electricity rate in for 36 months!

National Grid's "Price to Compare" is 13.96 per kilowatt-hour. Constellation's plan is 9.39 per kilowatt-hour.

That will save the average American household $41.77 a month on their electricity supply!

Eversource Energy (NSTAR) Electricity Savings

For residents in the eastern half of Massachusetts that source their energy through Eversource, you can save up to 25% by switching to Constellation's 36 Month Home Power Plan.

Eversource's "Price to Compare" is 12.51 per kilowatt-hour. Constellation's 36-month fixed-rate plan is 9.49 per kilowatt-hour.

That will save the average American household $27.60 on their electricity bill!

Eversource Energy (WEMCo)

For those residents in western Massachusetts with Eversource supplying their electricity, you can save up to 23% by switching to Constellations "36 Month Home Power Plan."

Eversource's "Price to Compare" is 11.67 per kilowatt-hour. Constellation's 36-month fixed-rate plan is 8.99 per kilowatt-hour.

That saves the average American household $24.49 on their electricity bill!

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Disclaimer: Percent savings are based on each utility's "Price to Compare." Each energy deregulated state's Public Utilities Commission publishes the "Price to Compare" to help shoppers compare the cost of their utility's energy supply to their competitors. Rates and savings are subject to change and may differ from what is posted in this article. All terms & conditions and disclosures for these plans are available on

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