just energy offering lyft credit

The retail energy provider industry is very competitive in deregulated states. So much so that in order to stand out above the rest, some providers offer incentives. Typically, these incentives are gift cards or smart home products geared around energy efficiency. But, one company has taken it a step further.

Just Energy is offering a $50 Lyft credit to customers who sign up for certain plans. Just Energy, the Canadian company that also owns Amigo Energy and Tara Energy, is partnering with the ride-sharing service to offer a brand new type of incentive to its customers.

This is just the latest marketing strategyin an industry where it is tough to gain a competitive advantage. We will most likely continue to see new and innovative offers coming from electricity providers looking to stand out.

Author: Aaron Weber

Aaron Weber

Aaron is a content writer and organic marketer with extensive experience in the energy industry. He frequently writes for Power Target on Electricityrates.com and CompareElectricity.com.