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BGE customers can experience savings this Summer if they shop for electricity rates in July. See below for the July 2016 BGE electricity provider information:

July BGE Price to Compare

The BGE price to compare for July is 9.54 cents/kWh. This price represents the default supply rate for BGE for the month of July if you do not choose another Marylandelectricity rate.

July BGE Electricity Rates

Constellation Energy Logo

In the month of July, Constellation still has the best rate. With their 6 month 7.79 cents/kWh fixed plan, BGE customers that choose Constellation will experience 18% savings over the July price to compare. For longer fixed rate plans Constellation also offers 12, 24 and 36 month plans for customers looking to lock in for a longer duration in Maryland.

If you want to lock in one of these plans for July , go to our Constellation provider profilepage,enter your ZIP Code, compare plans and switch.

Clearview Energy

If you are looking for a renewable electricity plan, Clearview Energy may be the provider for you. With 100% BGE renewable energyplans, Clearview Energy is the best provider to lock in green savings. With their 6 month, 8.09 cents/kWh plan you will be saving 15% over the July price to compare while using green energy.

To sign up for this renewable energy BGE plan, go to our Clearview Energy provider profile page and enter your ZIP Code.

To start comparing these July BGE electricity rates, go to the to the right side of this page and enter your ZIP Code into our compare and switch tool. There you will find Constellation, Clearview Energy and many other electricity providers.

Once you sign up, your new provider will contact BGE directly about your switch. BGE will still be your utility and deliver and bill you for your electric usage. The only thing that will change is your supply rate.

Author: Alex Gilmore

Alex Gilmore

Alex Gilmore has been a senior writer for ElectricityRates.com for four years. He has a passion for everything energy, especially improvements in the renewable energy industry and how to make energy more affordable for everyone.