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    Illinois business leaders are hoping to push through legislation that would see billions in investment in the state's electricity grid, according to

    The state already passed the Illinois Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act, which sets aside $2.6 billion for the replacement and improvement of transmission lines throughout the state. However, the bill was vetoed by Democratic Governor Pat Quinn on concerns about stipulations in the law allowing utility companies to raise rates to cover some of the costs of the upgrade.

    Business groups around the state, however, have argued that the bill is necessary in order to further the development of important industries from manufacturing to the high-tech sectors.

    "When businesses evaluate where to expand or open new facilities, a major point of consideration is whether the local infrastructure will support their needs," John Estey, president and chief executive officer of S&C Electric Company, said in a statement. "A modern grid will position Illinois to attract new business and new jobs."

    In addition to improving distribution from current electricity providers, proponents suggest the new grid would allow for faster development in the clean energy sector, which has seen substantial growth in recent years.