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    The Indiana Energy Association recently commented on new regulations proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), saying that the clean air measures aren’t necessary for the state, and that Indiana’s low electricity rates would be affected by the new rules.

    According to the Courier-Journal, electricity rates in Indiana have increased at a slower rate than the national consumer price index, and much lower than gasoline, housing, food and transportation costs. Currently, the state has the 13th-lowest retail electric prices in the country.

    Edwin Simcox, interim president of the Indiana Energy Association, recently wrote that the state’s air quality is better now than at any point in the last 40 years, and the new regulations would only hurt the state’s healthy energy market.

    "Today, we are facing an unprecedented challenge to maintain this successful and crucial balance amid new circumstances and factors beyond the control of the utilities," he wrote.

    Indiana is working toward creating a deregulated energy market, with the state’s gas market already deregulated. However, passing electric deregulation laws would pave the way for retail energy providers to begin marketing their services in Indiana, in turn helping to keep the state’s low electricity rates from rising.