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    With energy deregulation laws in place in Illinois, residents can choose where their electricity comes from. But since the juice will still be traveling through utility ComEd's wires, many are facing confusion over how to go about buying their electricity, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

    According to the news source, some towns have voted for electricity aggregation, however many others have voted not to allow the town to decide on its residents' electricity rates. Now, these customers are sifting through the numerous retail energy providers that have cropped up in recent years.

    This competition has prompted companies to entice customers with incentives to sign on, and spurred websites that allow customers to compare electricity rates side-by-side to determine which offer is the best fit. The environment has even led ComEd to consider lowering its prices, the media outlet stated.

    "One reason ComEd charges so much now is that it’s locked into expensive long-term contracts from suppliers, while the other suppliers are free to negotiate new, cheaper contracts," said Patrick Deignan, spokesman for the Citizens Utility Board.

    Residents in Illinois can save money by switching energy providers, but all customers should learn about individual electricity rates for kilowatt hours, charges and terms of agreement before switching.