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    Illinois moved another crucial step closer to an override of Governor Pat Quinn's veto of a bill encouraging the state's utility companies to invest in improvements to the electricity grid, according to The Associated Press.

    The Illinois senate voted on Tuesday, October 25, to approve changes to the recent grid upgrade bill designed to win over some of the uncertain legislators. These changes included lower profit guarantees as well as higher performance standards and spending requirements. The new bill received enough support to override a gubernatorial veto if necessary.

    The governor had vetoed the bill initially because of concerns that it would lead to increased electricity rates for consumers without necessarily improving performance. The law would allow electricity providers to raise rates to compensate for grid improvement expenditures, but Quinn insists that even after the recent changes investment requirements for utilities remain too low.

    The Associated Press reports that the Illinois House approved the revised bill on Wednesday, October 26, with a 91 to 24 margin, giving the lower chamber more than enough votes to overcome a veto.