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    Managing electricity bills as a business can prove both complicated and expensive, but business electricity provider Direct Energy Business has expanded one of its most flexible services to companies in Illinois.

    DEB's 360Direct offers a variety of tools for helping to monitor and control electricity usage as well as a variety of methods to help lower electricity bills.

    Some of these simply offer new functionalities to businesses, such as InvoiceASSURE, which helps provide suggestions based on the information already available in the bills coming from utility companies. Others connect businesses to DEB, such asEnergyALLY, which offers experienced planning and assessment services.

    "360Direct serves as a customer's business support team for energy solutions," George Mossides, director of sales for DEB in the Midwest region, said in a statement. "By choosing to partner with us, commercial and industrial businesses will not only gain access to a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals and products, they'll gain access to short and long-term energy management solutions that will save their businesses time and money."

    These services can provide a variety of solutions for anyone from small businesses to large-scale industrial companies.