hurricane florence power outages

According to, Hurricane Florence has knocked out power for over 600,000 electricity customers already. The bulk of the outages are in North Carolina but some in South Carolina have lost power as well.

The number of outages is expected to keep growing through the weekend as the storm continues its path. The Weather Channel estimated that up to 3 million customers might lose power in the Carolinas due to Florence.

hurricane florence power outage map

Duke Energy, which provides electricity to customers in eastern North Carolina, has roughly 370,000 customers without power. That’s over 30 percent of the customers in this service area.

According to Duke Energy’swebsite, there is no timetable for power restoration, noting that it “depends on storm impacts.”

Rick Perry, the US Energy Secretary, said they had expected thousands to lose power due to the massive hurricane.Perry said "we've done this many times before. We know how to manage expectations. We know how to prepare our plants for these types of major events."

Author: Jon Wingfield

Jon Wingfield

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