Holiday Lights

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    Holiday Lights

    Whether you want to have the best light show on the block like Clark Griswold or are a little more conservative with your holiday decorations,safety is always important. Here are some saftey tips to make sure you and your loved ones have a great holiday season:

    1. Water your tree: Be sure to water your tree daily as it is extremely flamable and could be a major fire hazard.
    2. Don’t overload your electrical outlets: Between lights for the tree, lights for the outside of your house and candles for the windows you have a lot that needs to be plugged in. Be sure to minimize the amount of items that are plugged into one outlet as it could cause a blown fuse or even a fire.
    3. Inspect your decorations: If you decorations require electricity be sure to inspect them before putting them up. A broken electricial socket or fuse could cause serious damage to your home.
    4. Turn off and unplug all decorations when not in use: This is a simple one. If you are not using your holiday lights or any other decoration that requires electricity, unplug them before you go to bed or leave the house. This is a preventative mesure and also saves you money on your electric bill over the holidays.
    5. Make the holiday a potluck: To avoid overloading your electrical outlets in your home, have guests bring over food items for dinner. This not only helps with safety but also allows you to save money on electricity and gives you more time to spend with love ones.

    Have a happy and safe holiday!